Friday, September 12, 2014

rough seas ahead

Tonight: 7p-7a
Saturday: 3p-7a
Sunday: 7p-7a
Monday: 3p-7a on the behavioral health unit
Tuesday: 3p-3a floating to L&D

Fun times. Donice says I should join facebook. Um no. I like my privacy. I see how she's caught up in everybody's drama or their lives and what not. Besides, if I have to rant, and I know I can't keep my mouth shut, being on any social network, I've heard bosses and supervisors will keep track of your activities and the witch hunt will be on.

I've only known of two RNs who got fired for posting stuff on facebook. So no, I decline the offer. Besides, I can let out whatever on a blog much easier than having an audience to scrutinize my every move.

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